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Lee Enfield and James Sweet

Lee Enfield L42 sniper.jpg

Lee Enfield L42 7.62 sniper with L1A7 night scope

Milsurps.com link; Lee Enfield with night scope – article by Peter Laidler
J Sweet’s 1954 book, ‘Competitive Rifle Shooting’.

James Sweet’s family is working on republishing his timeless classic 1954 edition (currently April 2012) which is an excellent 100 pages on target shooting in general, with a good deal of it devoted to Enfield accurizing ideas such as barrel bedding. It is a great insight into the mindset of target shooting during the Lee Enfield’s glory days, as well as accurate shooting instructions that are still utterly relevant.

If you’re interested in hearing when this becomes available send an email to;


with J Sweet in the subject bar, nothing else is required, and we will send a notification. Your email address is guaranteed private, never to be shared, and is not a commitment to buy.

The Sweet family, by the way, are the source of a gun product we all know very well, Sweets bore cleaner. Often thought of as a dangerously combustible kind of liquid Vegemite that NASA should know about, as a copper and lead buildup remover there is more to it than that. As an excellent gun care product developed by James in the early 1950′s , it has stood the test of time and is still made and distributed world wide by the Sweets family succeeding generations.


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