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Private Entrepreneur Traits (PEC)

Seek financial answers at dependable sources. Examples of entrepreneurs who have a sense of foresight is the late Tan Sri Dato ‘Loh Boon Siew. He’s an entrepreneur who introduced Boon Siew Honda motorcycles. He’s a illiterate and can’t read, but he has a very robust reminiscence in making a judgment or choice. He was a visionary although he by no means went to high school due to poverty. Through his life of poverty, he was trying to figure out how you can run their own enterprise. Initially, he had solely the used automotive business. In 1958 he visited Japan and concerned with Honda bike that was by no means used in Malaysia. Subsequently, with foresight angle that existed at him, he tried to search out the founder and order the motorbike of 12 items to be brought back to Malaysia. Nonetheless, individuals laughed at motorcycle with assumes that the mototcycle … Read more

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